how-to gypsy: fake it til you make it

When it’s the middle of winter, things seem to slow down.  The appeal of sleep-ins, taking it slow and the indoors is incredible.  Here are a few tips on how to make yourself/keep motivated:


1. Wake up bright and early and stretch/body brush/have lemon water.  Having an early morning ritual makes it easier to get out of bed.  Knowing you have a next step gives you reason to get up and get moving.  Stretching, body brushing and lemon water are simple ways to wake up and detoxify the system.

2. Kick your butt and do a hard workout.  When I haven’t worked out in a while, there is one thing that gets me going again – a hard, breathtaking work out.  It seems contradictory – stuck in a rut and the only thing to get you out is to do the thing you have been avoiding – but I find the flood of endorphins is enough to get me going back for more.


3. Do a big clean up. Take some time to clean (not just tidy) your house and get things organised.  A clear space = a clear mind.  Taking time to organise your life, leaves you with less distractions later.


4. Get some life admin done.  This is another step to eliminate distractions.  Spend some time paying your bills, doing your food shopping and planning your week.  This leaves you with more time and focus to do things that are more satisfying.

5. Set yourself some goals. Write them down and feel them out.  Writing down your goals gives you direction and makes them more achievable.



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