journal: 23 May 2016

I have been slowly moving toward a minimalist lifestyle without realising what that was.  This movement was spurred on by something quintessentially un-minimalist – my New Year’s resolution to have my home fully furnished and styled by the end of the year.  

In order to achieve this resolution, I was facing one big obstacle – how to fund this.  Being at home full time with a new baby and living off one income, I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as putting it on the credit card.  I started off by looking at the furniture I wanted to replace.  This was good stuff.  It wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t ruined, it just was no longer wanted.  I realised the best thing to do was sell it.  I loaded ads  onto Gumtree (for the international readers, it’s like eBay but solely for local pickups).  Once I got the taste for selling, I realised –


The feeling I get from selling/giving/throwing away things is invigorating.  It’s like I was trapped by these objects and getting rid of them from my life is like I’m getting parts of my life back.

So I have continued editing my life in each room of the house – going through furniture, books, clothing, handbags.  Although some of the things I’ve sold will need to be replaced, there’s a lot that won’t be and I feel lighter for it.


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