mama gypsy: tired bones

The terms tired bones and motherhood seem to go hand-in-hand.  As my little girl gets older and less blob-like (i.e. mobile), it felt like lazing around the house would become a distant memory.  Not long after my post about controlled crying did things take a turn for us in the sleep department.  I should have guessed that that would happen.  After praising her wonderful sleep routine and stating how terrible I thought controlled crying was, I was faced with the true test – to implement or wake up every 20 minutes (yes, TWENTY MINUTES – not even a sleep cycle) to rock and hush baby back to sleep.

I will admit to leaving her to cry for up to 10 minutes but I just could not hack it and she was a wreck afterwards.  So, after two weeks of broken sleep, I was having a whinge to the lady who runs the daycare baby will be attending from next week (*tear).  She told me to check out the tried-and-tested routine (as in, personally tried and tested) as specified by Tizzie Hall.

Eager to try anything I hopped on Tizzie’s Save Our Sleep website the second I got home.  We’re now 5 days into using her routine as a guide and things are going well.


How does this relate to this week’s theme?  Well, her day naps are now longer sometimes up to 2 hours long – every day!  Whilst I don’t get a full day of being lazy, I’m happy with a couple of hours here and there where I get silence and time to just do my own thing.  If your free time is resided to nap times too I recommend having a rough guide of what lazy activities you’d like to do that day.  Sometimes I just want to visit an online store I hadn’t looked at in a while or look through one of my old cook books.  If you plan, then you won’t waste your time on Instagram, unless that’s what you want to do…


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