Fit Gypsy Tea – it’s here!

tea5.jpgAfter months of working on creating the perfect tea, it’s finally here.

About Fit Gypsy Tea:

I decided to create a range of teas that not only taste great but bring all sorts of health benefits.  None of the teas are detox (or ‘teatox’) teas, they are there to help make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a world that’s bombarded with fad diets, junk food and toxins.

Being a mum of a 6 month old, I know how important it is to have energy to not only last the day but to allow you to spend a bit of time doing something for yourself.  I started off motherhood living on coffee for energy.  Soon after I found I always felt anxious (never a good feeling but especially not when you have a new baby).  Not only did I always feel as though my world was about to implode, I found I always had to follow one cup of coffee with another to handle the energy crash, my skin started to take a turn and I was always craving sugar.

I started to look at tea and herbal alternatives to gain that energy, reduce my cravings and calm my nerves and that’s where I came up with Fit Gypsy Tea.

Head on over to my shopfront and check them out for yourself.  As a March special, I’m offering a free sample of tea for every tea purchased.  No code required.


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