mama gypsy: making it last

This week’s inspiration was spurred on by the last few days of summer but its title has made me think of what else I’d love to have the power to make last.  Every day I seem to wake up and my baby girl seems to have learnt a new skill over night.  Something new and exciting and something she (and I) are proud of.  It’s these moments that I wish I could make last.  Six months old and I’m amazed by the little personality she has been born with, her ability to light up a room, her energy and her determination.  Whats more, she makes me look at myself and what lessons I can learn from her outlook on life.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m always in front of at least one type of screen when I’m at home.  It’s a terrible habit and one that seems to really take over my days.  I understand she doesn’t need my attention 24/7 but I also understand that she’s extremely impressionable and growing up in front of a screen – whether it be a television, a mobile or a computer – is something I definitely want to avoid.


This habit, this excessive use of technology is something I have vowed to limit.  I know like every other habit, it will be difficult to kick and as the east coast of Australia goes through this last heatwave and we are forced to stay inside, it will prove even more difficult.

It is currently 10am in Australia and already I’ve played on my mobile (Cooking Fever is a game that has become somewhat of an addiction), I’ve received two calls, received two messages, sent two, caught up on last night’s episode of MKR, watched the news (ok, not always a bad thing) and now I’m lying on my couch, laptop on my lap while she sleeps.  I’ve paid a bill online, ordered a book and checked my emails a few times.

What I haven’t done is stepped a foot outside even though I can see from my window that my herbs need watering before the day reaches 35 degrees.  I have a load of washing waiting to be hung out in the machine, another ready to go on, a kitchen which needs cleaning, a new book lying on my bedside table waiting to be read, ingredients waiting to be used and yet these tasks come after this post.

I do not want my little girl putting screen time before all else and so I will lead by example and change my ways.  I know I will never live a life without my phone, laptop or television but the amount of hours will need to be reduced drastically.  Funny thing is, after long hours in front of these screens, I always feel like I do if I’ve had a day full of junk food – lethargic, toxic and even bloated from the lack of movement – and yet it doesn’t stop me.  My daughter also deserves better days, ones where she plays while she watches me sit and waste my time using technology to pass the hours.

I’m wasting what could be precious moments watching her grow up and that just isn’t worth it for me.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think you use technology too much?

image: pinterest


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