how-to gypsy: making it last

As summer draws to a close, there are some things you can do to help make it last that little bit longer.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s in season when your grocery store seems to have things all year round but here’s how to save the best produce so that you can maintain your sanity in the dead of winter.

image: pinterest

Savour your summer basil by making it into pesto and freezing it.  Perfect for pasta but also great dolloped into soups.


Summer tomatoes are so delicious and flavoursome.  Turn your summer tomatoes into tomato soup or pasta sauce and freeze  OR slow roast in the oven, pile into a jar with olive oil and add to dishes all through winter.

Summer berries can be turned into the most heartwarming winter desserts.  Buy them when they’re on special and freeze them for later use.  (Note: I wouldn’t recommend freezing strawberries though.  Those little suckers don’t freeze too well but they do taste delicious in a homemade jam.)

Mango Spinach Green Smoothie |

Mangoes and bananas keep well frozen too and are great for immune boosting smoothies when you’re trying to fight off any wintery colds and flus.




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