mama gypsy: balmy days

One of the things I worry about most when it comes to baby is her temperature.  Is she too hot?  Does she have enough blankets?  I have to say winter has been my best friend this year.  It’s easy enough to keep warm but how do you keep baby as cool as possible when it seems impossible unless you spend all of summer inside in the air conditioning? Here’s an insight into my summer survival kit for my little Miss.


1 – Bonds Singletsuits – these come in multipacks and are perfect for the hot weather.  Not only are they sleeveless (and legless) but they’re made of thin, breathable cotton.  We have these on rotation.

2 – Banana Boat baby sunscreen – you can buy roll-on or spray.  We bought the roll-on.  Easy to put on, non-greasy, waterproof AND SPF 50.  We made sure we put it through her hair too – no one likes a sunburnt scalp!

3 – Target long sleeve rash vest swim set – Nothing says natural cooling like a dip in the ocean.  Affordable, easy to put on (the head hole stretches easily) and comfortable, this SPF 50 rash vest and bikini bottom swim set was a lifesaver in the harsh Australian sun.  Another bonus is the fact it’s only $18! I’m all for spending big bucks on fashion but when this will only last us this summer, I can’t justify spending more than that.

4 – Wavezone beach shelter – Another SPF 50 purchase, this time from Big W for $49.  It’s super easy to put up and take down and is big enough for four people to sit under comfortably.  It has the option for tent pegs to be put into the sand on particularly windy days or you can just fill the sand pockets up and that’ll keep it on the ground.

5 – A fabric bucket hat – provides shade for bub without poking your eye out with a stiff brim when you need to pick them up.

What are you summer survival tips for baby?


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