how to: lady boss

There are so many women to look up to in today’s society and it’s so good to see that they are willing to share their tips and tricks.

I’ve recently read Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life (a bit behind the times, I know).  I found her work informative and helpful for a new mum who wants to give my small family the best and healthiest life I possibly can.

After reading her book, I thought I’d Google and see how her empire is going (we’re not fortunate to have it available in Australia).  I couldn’t believe what I found – the cover of Forbes, a $1 billion empire, endless products – amazing.  You always expect a celebrity to have some sort of success (hello expanding range of celebrity perfumes) but for someone’s business to get this big, they must be doing something right.  Thankfully, Jessica has chosen to impart some of her wisdom here.


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