the hit list: malibu barbie

Here a few of my favourite things at the moment that just so happen to be perfect for the warmer weather:

  1. The Happiness Project.  I’m only about a third of the way in, but I’m really enjoying this novel so far.  It makes you think and reflect on your own life (and happiness) all the way through.  It’s not a new book, but it’s one that I’ve found so relevant.  The perfect beach read.
  2. Too Face Lip Injection Lip Colour.  I love this stuff and plan on getting different shades.  It’s a lip plumper with a strong pigment.  It’s got a bit of a shine to it when you first put it on but once that wears off, you’re left with a strong lip stain.  Perfectly kiss-proof and sweat-proof.
  3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.  I’ve found the colours in this range leave a lot to be desired but the top coat can be put on any brand of nail polish.  It dries in about 5 minutes which makes it perfect for me to give myself a quick manicure during baby’s nap time and lasts about a week with a nice shine.
  4. Himalayan Rock Salt Night Light.  This night light is amazing.  It gives a warming glow to my bedroom for those middle-of-the-night feeds without waking Mr Man.  Himalayan rock salt lamps also have a bunch of health benefits because of the impact the salt has on the air – check it out here

2 thoughts on “the hit list: malibu barbie

  1. I just bought the Sally Hansen top coat and have yet to make the time to try it. But I’m so glad to hear that it dries because some of them take forever! Great post!

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