10 things I did not expect whilst being pregnant

I thought it would be fun to share my insight on pregnancy given I have only 2 days left!

  1. How hard it would be to eat.  I’m someone who gets food cravings and have always feared what I would experience when I would fall pregnant.  The result?  A. Big. Fat. Nothing.  No food cravings at all.  So much so that I’ve come to the conclusion that pregnancy cravings are a myth.  Don’t get me wrong, there are foods that definitely make me happier to eat over others.  Citrus fruits are like a party in my tummy at the moment, plain milk was at one stage too but for a large portion of my pregnancy, I did not know what I wanted to eat for a meal.  It sounds like such an insignificant problem, but it is extremely frustrating.  It makes it hard to plan your meals because you don’t feel like anything then, by the time you are hungry, you grab whatever you can.
  2. How okay I am with the weight gain.  Healthy eating and body image is something I’ve always focused on.  Before falling pregnant, I had lost 5 kilograms just from coming off the pill but I haven’t once looked at pregnancy as setting me back. I definitely am looking forward to working out and getting back to my normal weight again but that’s more for ease of movement – I like to be able to bend over and put my socks on without struggle.  Even hubby has commended me on my chilled attitude.  (I think he was expecting me to have a meltdown – funny, but rightly so.)
  3. How ready I am to just walk into a store and buy normal clothes again.  I am still signed up to all my shopping websites and boy does it drive me crazy when they show me all the things that I cannot fit into right now.  I just want to wear things that go in at the waist!  I’m looking forward to going through my old clothes and eventually getting back into them.  I’m also looking forward to rejigging my wardrobe and giving myself a makeover.
  4. How much I think about what kind of mother I want to be.  I haven’t given thought to what kind of mother I will be, more I think about what mother I want to be and how I will achieve that.  I think about what kind of person I need to be for my baby girl to become the best person she can.  It’s not about changing who you are, or being someone that does not come naturally, it’s about doing what your child needs.
  5. How different things are to how I imagined.  Whilst I cannot complain about a lot of things to do with pregnancy, there are some things I could have done without!  There are some things that come with pregnancy that are so unbecoming as a woman – snoring, for one.  Snoring at a volume which wakes up your beloved (sometimes when they’re wearing ear plugs) is not something I thought would happen.  Thankfully, it’s only come on in the past couple of weeks but it is confronting when you first learn about it.  My nails are also not as healthy as they were which, as I learnt from a midwife, is something rare with pregnancy – apparently it’s more common to experience stronger, healthier nails – guess I’m just lucky…Thank god for nail polish!  Water retention is something I get to experience too.  It’s in my face, in my hands and feet.  Honestly, I am looking forward to the end because it means I can wear my engagement ring again.  Some days I still try to put my ring on – idiot!
  6. How much I love my fiance.  I truly have the most amazing man in the whole world.  He is such a beautiful soul and so supportive.  Anything I want to try, he is on board.  I always knew he was, but you appreciate it so much more when you’re both experiencing something that is completely new to both of you.  In the beginning, he took over the cooking and cleaning knowing I was too sick to do anything but wanted me to continue eating and being healthy.  Even though I no longer feel ill, he continues to put me first, doing things to benefit me and our future family.  We work as a team trying to accomplish things together.
  7. How relaxed I am about becoming a mum.  I know there will be challenging times, but I think it will be fun.  It’s something that I’m truly looking forward to.  No one knows who how to be the best parent, but the thing is, it’s all about trying.
  8. How strong my mind is in overcoming negativity.  When you start telling people you’re pregnant, people start warning you about the negativity you will start experiencing.  A lot of the time, these are the people who become the negativity culprits.  My advice – do your own research, form your own opinions and most importantly, remember everyone’s experience is different.  Don’t let people tell you what you should be doing.  When we first learnt that baby was breech, I was upset.  I had hoped to have a drug free natural birth but it turns out my baby had other plans.  We were given the option of an ECV (i.e. where a doctor tries to manually rotate the baby).  At first, we were both all for it.  But when D-day was getting closer, we decided we would forgo the ECV and just book a c-section.  Not only did we face negativity from people who had no idea what it was like, had never experienced a similar situation, nor had they done any research themselves, but we also faced negativity from the doctor.  Nevertheless, we had our reasons for not going through with the ECV.  They weren’t all medical or scientific, but we knew what we wanted/did not want.  We stayed strong and although I’m now having a c-section, it’s what we feel was written in the stars for us.
  9. How much I’m okay with our situation.  We’ve had to adjust our lives a lot.  We were due to get married last March but had to postpone, we were due to go to Europe as our honeymoon/babymoon but had to postpone, I’m now officially unemployed, mister has had to take on another career instead of focusing on his stock broking, but we’re okay.  Right now, we’re focusing on what we need to do individually and as a team to thrive again.  If you had asked me how we would be leading up to having our first child, I would have told you everything would be bought new, we’d have absolutely every baby thing you could think of, we’d definitely be going on a baby moon, we’d have our finances in check, I would have had a proper job, but it’s just not the way things have happened.  What have we got instead?  An amazing supportive relationship.  We are happier and more in love than ever before.  So our wedding will happen next year, it will be so different to how it would have been before.  We’ve lived a life with almost endless disposable incomes but our relationship was suffering.  Our wedding would have been what we thought it should be, not what would have grown out of love.  But now, thanks to everything we’ve gone through and are continuing to go through as a family, will make it something born out of love and neither of us could be any happier.
  10. I view birth as my own rebirth.  I am looking forward to having my baby girl, not only to see her and begin being a mother but to continue on with the new, more positive and spiritual life that we have been developing ever since late last year.  To me, it’s also picking up where I left off with my healthy eating, my workouts, my weight loss and working toward being a woman I can be proud of, that makes both my partner and baby happy.

I just can’t wait for this new chapter.



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